Captivating Sunset from Mt. Tapyas, Coron

It was honestly an overwhelming feeling to witness such beautiful and colorful sunset on top of the world. For someone who lives in the city which is commonly blanketed by smog, well, I do cherish these moments. And I like to share them with some of you who exists the same.

Shame I didn’t have a photo when the sun was still visibly setting,Β you would really want to stay with the others sitting down on the ground passionately looking at the sunset.

If you have been to Kiltepan Peak in Sagada for sunrise, then (for me) this here in Coron is the best compliment sunset for that.

Let me have my sunnies be the sun πŸ˜β˜€οΈβœ¨

(These photos were just snapped from my iPhone for memories’ sake and I didn’t even had decent landscape ones. No filter, just a little adjustment on the saturation.)

Hello Weekend: Eastern Samar

I’m just so thankful that before summer ends in the Philippines, I got invited to go with the boyfriend and his family on this roadtrip to Eastern Samar to celebrate his dad’s birthday and at the same time, his parents’ wedding anniversary. Luckily, even if it’s already June and rainy, the weather has been so good to us throughout the trip. Continue reading